Some of our Favorite Websites and Apps

(Copy and Paste into your browser to open each or search for the app in your favorite app site ) (Thanks to Roger Jarvis and the STEMettes group for suggesting this cool link). ​- From Cornell – this app for your phone will help you identify that rare bird you just saw while hiking through the park. – All about monarchs

iNaturalist ​- this app will help you identify that unusual wildflower or bird – Department of Agriculture/ Forest Service – check out the Monarch Conservation Webinar Series. – the buzz on bees and honey – National Wildlife Foundation. Even if you only go to this site to see the award-winning nature photos, you will be well rewarded. – this website is truly for the birds! (and all about birds). Check out the Photography Awards page for some outstanding photos. – Learn more about the Black Creek Watershed Coalition

www. – – NYS Bluebird Society – all about bluebirds; great photos and even plans for building your own bluebird houses  – North American Bluebird Society – more like the above – NYS Department of Conservation website – DEC’s Conservationist for Kids; a great resource
for kids learning about nature – New York Parks and Trails Plenty of information about the state park in Niagara Falls, plus great photos!

https/ – all about the Montezuma Wetlands Complex – just down the

Thruway! – Learn all about Cornell’s Feeder Watch Program, plus additional information on birds in general – more information for the birdwatchers among us – NYS Outdoor Education Association Everything outdoors in New Hampshire All about the Buffalo Museum and Science Center and the Tifft Nature Preserve
Where do the birds go when they migrate? You’ll be amazed at the maps that track them. – Teacher’s guide to discovering nature.  – US Forest Service website (a ton of information)